DECEMBER 9th 6.30pm to 10.30pm dude,remix,police,detective,agent,secret,fbi,cia,shade,sunni,sunglasses,suit,dark,clip art,media,public domain,image,png,svg,shade,sunni,shade,sunni

For all 6th to 8th Graders!

Scavanger type event, done in the dark, over the entire campus. The goal is to find the ‘safe houses’ while evading the ‘secret police’ who are trying to imprison you for your Catholic Faith!!!

This is a very fun event, where you will also learn about Martyrs and persecuted Christians throughout History. The event ends with Mass in a very underground fashion!

We had around 40 Middle School participants and about 50 High School leaders take part this year. It was a very successful night. Thanks to all who helped very especially the Knights of Columbus, Young Adult Ministry,  Visions Leaders and other volunteers!